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Wardrobe Interior Ideas To Make the Most of Your Space

Are you planning a personalised wardrobe for your master bedroom, dressing room or guest room? A tailor-made wardrobe provides you with the flexibility to create beautiful storage to cater for your needs. Fitted wardrobes are undoubtedly a great choice as the shop-bought can leave you with limited options, which may require you to compromise. Finding a good and experienced carpenter in Hitchin can deliver what you want. Here are some amazing wardrobe interior ideas you should know to optimise your space.

Custom-Built Wardrobe Ideas To Max Out Your Space



If you think that hanging rails and shelves are the only storage options for your wardrobe, then it’s not true. You can consider having some built-in drawers. This will enable you to save space by having free-standing drawers elsewhere in the room. You can also have ample storage space for your clothes and other stuff. Besides, they will also match the style of your customised wardrobe perfectly.


The mirror is the last thing on our tailor-made wardrobe interior ideas list. You may be thinking of having it elsewhere in the room. However, if you opt for subtle things, consider having a mirror on the back of your wardrobe doors. This way, it will be concealed when the wardrobe is closed.

Shoe Racks:

You can also ask your carpenter to integrate shoe racks. This will not only conceal your clothes but also ensure that all your footwear is kept neatly. Lining up all the shoes on display will make choosing footwear convenient for you when picking an outfit for the day.

Sliding Doors:

It is technically not the interior, but you may consider building sliding doors for your wardrobe. It is a saviour when you lack space or have a smaller room. Furthermore, they deliver a modern, sleek finish to your wardrobe.


Integrated lighting to your wardrobe gives an aesthetically pleasing appearance. It also helps you get a better look at your outfits and other belongings. This is more helpful if you are planning to have walk-in wardrobes. These can often be attached beneath shelves and even to the wardrobe ceiling.


You can have a secret safe built-in into your wardrobe to keep your expensive and precious belongings like jewellery and other documents safe.

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